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Engr. Md. Ahsanul Kabir

Vice Chairman, Baraka Power Limited

Vice Chairman, Baraka Power Limited

Engr. Md. Ahsanul Kabir has wide range of knowledge on electro mechanical technology from his student life, as he attended every Gov. Science fair at that time. He was awarded for his innovative ideas in National Science Fair throughout his student life.

After joining as a vice chairman of Baraka Power he worked on various issues that include problems of switch yard, like blasting of Lighting arrester which for sure is a costly part and could’ve been risky for the plant.  Being able to solve tons of problems within the company; helped BPL save a big amount of money. He also worked on insufficient air flow in intake air filter room which helps in decreasing air temperature of engine room.

The failure of grounded wire mash which causes disconnection of three engines from ground were solved by him which made the engines secure for use. He is also working for damp radiator problem of BPL plant for a long time and finally all the fans are in better condition than before ensuring that the project is running well. All the fans (247 nos of radiator fan are there in BPL) are working satisfactorily. There are so many little technical problems he had solved which reduced the company expenses increasing the annual profit.

At his early age he was awarded in National Science Fair held at Dhaka. Also, he was a B grade Hawaiian guitar radio artist in his early life. He innovated different technical knowhow in the civil engineering construction work. Now a days, he is working with alternative source of energy for power. Thriving every step, his continuous success in business is remarkably phenomenal.

On the other hand he has vast experience of 31 years in civil Engineering technology and whole civil construction of Baraka Power Limited (Fenchugonj 51 MW) is completed under his technical assistance including additional drawing and design. He is the CEO and director of Syltop Associate pvt.Ltd, a leading property developer in Dhaka and Sylhet. He is also the Chief Engineer of Architects and Builders. A company led and run by him.

High hopes, tough goals, emerging vision and a will to change the world has been the most immense driver of his continuous success. Been to places, learnt a lot.

He, with his team promises to serve the best!