Baraka Power Limited

Baraka Power Limited

Power Generating Company


To provide quality and uninterrupted electricity at an affordable price to the vast majority of the country for their personal, social economic development.


We have already achieved our primary goal which is to develop power plant capable of generating 51MW electricity and supplying to national grid. Our mission is to become the largest power generating company in the private section by developing more power plants across the country.


To provide uninterrupted supply of electricity to the Nation. Effective utilization of capital, machines, material and human resources. Continuous improvement of services, customer satisfaction and resource management.

Environmental Commitment

The Baraka Power ethos places a special emphasis on environmental and ecological issues. Its efforts to preserve and regenerate the environment find expression in the slew of projects and programs it has undertaken in and around its facilities and operations. A Focus area, in this context, is the climate change crisis.

The Baraka Power beliefs on sustainability have led to a company policy that emphasizes environment preservation. Baraka Power work on projects that include experiencing green cover, reducing effluents and emission, maintaining local ecological and improving long term coronate sustainability.